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More than 5000 types of dresses with a trade margin – up to 350% of the market leader of Ukraine and CIS countries

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with all collections of dresses and wholesale prices


                                                                    The site presents only two collections of wedding dresses out of 13

                                                                    Leave a request for the full
                                                                    catalog with all the wedding dresses collections

                                                                    The site presents only two collections of wedding dresses out of 13

                                                                    Leave a request for the full
                                                                    catalog with all the wedding dresses collections

                                                                    Advantages of working with

                                                                    We offer high quality products at an attractive price. Huge selection of fabrics - from classical fabrics to modern solutions, and the best accessories allow creating fabulous outfits. You get unique wedding dresses that will highlight your good taste.

                                                                    We are constantly in touch with our customers. You can order the photos of our designs and catalogs at any time. We arrange a convenient shipment anywhere in the world. After the transaction, you may contact us on any issue. We guarantee an individual approach and quality service that is why our customers prefer working only with us. We work with more than ... wedding salons in Russia, Ukraine and all over the world.

                                                                    Our new catalogs are available to customers of the company free of charge. You can learn all the details of our products. Gorgeous illustrations make browsing very pleasant. Here you will find dresses of any styles and directions – from the classics to the latest trends in fashion. We can develop exclusive collections for every customer in the shortest possible time.

                                                                    We sew dresses using the best European technology, which ensures consistently high product quality. We appreciate every nuance – most of the work is done by hand. Highly qualified experts and designers are constantly developing new collection of wedding dresses taking into account the latest trends.

                                                                    We sew to individual measures. We take into account the features of different models. We seek comfort and individuality in every detail. Result - gorgeous dress, sitting perfectly in the figure. Huge selection of fabrics makes it possible to sew a dress of the same patterns in any category - cheap or expensive

                                                                    We can change templets of the dress on customer’s request. You can order a dress according to a sketch or a photo. If you need to make a large order of your own models, we will be pleased to bring to life all your ideas.

                                                                    Our company is the manufacturer of wedding dresses, and we offer you the lowest prices. This will allow you to bring to life dresses at competitive prices. Cooperation with us will help you sell more!

                                                                    Are you still hesitating? We can perform a trial order starting from 3 dresses, so you can enjoy the benefits of our products. Having seen our dresses only once, you will want to make the next order!

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                                                                    Leave request right now and get free shipping and cover for each dress as a gift

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                                                                    I have finally found a decent partner for my store! Starting with the very first deal, I realized I wanted to work exclusively with this manufacturer. Product quality, its diversity and level of service make Intertex an undisputed leader for me. Despite the fact that the company is in Ukraine, for me, it is much more profitable and much more pleasant to make purchases here, and not from Russian producers. The opportunity to order a dress according to the size of the customer and get it within strictly expressed terms is especially pleasant. With the ability to order products directly from the manufacturer, I was able to bring my store to the next level. Special thanks to the girls working at the customer support, they know their job very well.

                                                                    Once the dresses of this producer emerged in my wedding dress salon, most brides stopped paying attention to other brands. And it is not surprising, because the products are so beautiful that you can not take your eyes from them. Moreover, purchases in this store are very profitable for my business. Free delivery and reasonable prices allow me not to set exorbitant price for the products that attracts more clients to my salon. Cooperation with this store is nothing but pleasure.

                                                                    I accidentally came across this company on the network while looking for something new for my shop. I was immediately attracted by the fact that the product is offered by the manufacturer and the price is pretty good. When I learned that shipping is free, I finally decided to make an order and never regretted. Dresses were sold out almost immediately after receiving them. Quality of sewing, design, materials used give European producers a run for their money. I advise to start cooperation with Intertex to anyone who wants to bring a greater number of customers into the store, because no one can resist such a products.

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